INDIA CHRISTIAN BIBLE COLLEGE provides necessary skills and tools to those young men and women who are called by God and committed to serve Christ anywhere they are called. Our emphasis is to reach the un-reached with special reference in reaching the marginalized, and millions of oppressed and suppressed people groups. We uphold the holistic education of our students and that they might be bold enough to face any odd and unforeseen circumstances in their ministry. It is our challenge to transform them through integrated learning in five main areas such as: Physical Formation, Spiritual Formation, Academic Formation, Ministry Formation, and Practical Formation.

SATELLITE SCHOOLS are one among the important mission and vision which extends to the other parts of our country. There are short term Bible schools to meet the spiritual needs of the local people, in Vishakpatnam, Angara, and Bobbili in Andhra Pradesh and Moovattupuzha in Kerala. In addition to these, there are two secular schools Emmanuel Public School in Andhra Pradesh and Carmel Mission School in Bihar under the leadership of  Rev. Wilson K.M  and Rev. James Mathew respectively.

Carmel Mission School in Bihar   Short term Bile school in AP