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In the mid 1700’s a spiritual movement called ‘Restoration Movement’ was started  to restore the faith and practices of the New Testament Churches. As a result the brother-hood of Christian Churches was started by those who were committed to global evangelism. Missionaries from the Restoration Movement arrived in Mumbai, India in September 1882, to start churches and restore the existing churches to New Testament Christianity. Hundreds of Christian Churches and other welfare organizations were started all over India. As an offshoot, India Christian Bible College was established in June 1984   by Dr. John Philipose who is the Founding President and his wife Annamma Philipose in Thengode, Cochin, Kerala, India which is supported by Christian Churches and individuals who believe in global Christian services. As a result thousands of young people graduated and working throughout India and the neighbouring countries.

Dr. John Philipose &
Annamma Philipose